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About me


Hi, I’m Denise, and I'm here to share my passion for strength, health & fitness with you.

I am a working mum from Germany living in Southend, UK, since 2012.
I compete at national level in Powerlifting, winning the English championships in 2021 and placing 2nd at the British championship in 2022, qualifying for International Championships.

I love picking up heavy weights in the gym! I had personal experience with depression and domestic violence; when I lift heavy, it gives me a sense of relief and empowerment. 

Exercise has helped me to reconnect and rediscover myself again.

As a working parent I am always busy, but I constantly try to improve mentally and physically, as well as my developing my knowledge.

I know it’s not easy to look after yourself when you’re so busy, but believe me, it is so important. If you look after yourself and become your best, you will be able to function so much better and handle so much more.

You matter!

Regular exercise has improved my lifestyle, well-being and mindset to a life-changing point. I am committed to helping YOU to reach YOUR goals and find the strongest version of yourself - by working together, you can achieve anything!


Why Exercise?

Of course, it is much easier to add some ‘me-time’ by investing in hairdressers, manicures, pedicures, skin treatments and supplements, etc. to look healthy however, fitness will  - and this is scientifically proven  - will maintain your actual health! Of course there’s absolutely nothing wrong to take care of yourself with some self-maintenance but why not add some fitness to that and improve your physical health?!

Your skin, hair and nails will become healthier not just healthy looking!


Your mind and soul will also benefit, fitness can stimulate the brain on a different level!

When you exercise your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain. It is not just physical, but also mental, pain that will be reduced, so exercising will help you with mental pain as well.

Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in the body.

Move to improve, put some action into place and say goodbye to your aches and niggles.


Personal training

I offer personal training on a 1-2-1 or small group basis if you want to work out with friends.

Whether your goal is weight loss, building strength or muscle, or just improving your general fitness and well-being, I will develop a tailored program.

We will work together to achieve your goals; I will educate you on training, performing exercises & nutrition.

Personal training can help you to develop a way beyond the gym. It can give you that little extra headspace and strengthen you mentally just as physically.

I use a mobile app to keep my clients accountable and can add programming at a discounted fee, depending on extra sessions planned.

I also can do meal plan examples as an extra fee.

If it is time, kids, or confidence getting in the way, we can find a way!

We can workout in a small space in your own home, in the garden, in the park, in the woods, on the seafront, or via Zoom.

You don’t need a home gym!

I will bring portable equipment with me if we need any, and if you have a home gym, why don’t we use it together.

Sports massage

I am also a qualified sports massage therapist! And offer sports massage as additional support for my clients. Well-being is very important to me and sometimes people get stuck due to having had a poor posture for far too long. Or perhaps your body had different traumatic impacts and injuries that restrict the range of movement and influence posture.

Lower back, knee or shoulder pain are just a few signs that your body might be out of alignment!

A sports massage can be very freeing and be an instant relief!

However, a sports massage is not a permanent solution!

Correct exercising and additional stretching will put your body in a better place.

I LOVE group sessions doing it outdoors,

mixed with a few little games, it is just a bit extra and fun and challenging!

My Bootcamps are tough, but you CAN DO IT regardless of your fitness level!

Everyone works together but at their own pace!

Since starting my bootcamps, I have had many people joining, and they all come back because it’s not just fitness; it enjoyable!

Children are welcome to be on the side but are always your responsibility!

You can book a private Bootcamp for a special occasion as entertainment, or you might want to train with a group of friends!


Contact me for a timetable or visit my social media.

Get in touch and find out more!



Nutrition is essential, regardless of your goal!

My philosophy is, “Be happy with your shape and if you are not, do something about it”!

Your body relies on good nutritious food to function properly; even if you are happy with your shape, good eats are essential for a long term healthy body and mind.

The long term benefits of eating a well balanced and nutritious diet are well documented.

If your goal is to lose weight and build strength or muscles, I can support you to get your nutrition right!

I know life has changed a lot, and the demand makes simple things like eating difficult, but there is always a way!

Please always consider consulting a doctor if you have any health conditions and are about to change your diet significantly!


What I offer

I offer several levels of support, whether you are after a specific goal or just an initial push. I know how hard it can be to take that first step; I've been there!

I enjoy creating individual programmes for each person to achieve goals in real-time and have some fun doing it!

The support I offer can be taken up through 1-2-1 sessions, group sessions, classes and online coaching Bootcamps. There’s something for everyone.

Over the years I came across many different clients, injuries and niggles, I am very passionate about movement and moving pain-free.


Follow me on Instagram @ptonsea


I’ve been having weekly PT sessions with Denise for a couple of months and highly recommend her. She is incredibly supportive during the sessions and is happy to keep in touch outside of the gym if I need a bit of encouragement. She knows her stuff and creates her workouts to fit my needs and goals. I started seeing progress very soon after we started. This is my first time working with a PT and I was a little nervous about what it would be like, but Denise put me at ease straight away with her kind and friendly manner. She pushes me to work hard and do my best during our sessions, but we laugh at the same time 😁.
If you’re looking for a PT, you should definitely get in touch with her!

Mandy P.

March 2022

Denise really knows her stuff and is dedicated to making sure you get the best out of every session. Under the watchful eye of Denise my form has improved, I feel stronger and - a big one for me - my confidence in a gym environment (particularly around using the equipment) has been given a much-needed boost
Denise excels in providing variety in the training sessions she puts together, which is brilliant if you get bored easily. I actually look forward to going to the gym now! I have seen so many positive results in just a few weeks and her passion to educate is giving me the tools I need to stay focused and consistent.
A truly top notch PT who I have no hesitation in recommending

Lindsay K.

August 2020

I’ve just started pts and training with Denise and it’s really showing a difference. Denise is a hard worker, consistent and works to your ability pushing you and gradually building your strength. If you think you’re concentrating and counting your reps properly: 1, 2 eh 5… then be sure Denise catches you out. She’s sharp, like a hawk watching your every move whilst improving your ability 💪
Those reverse lunges are lethal but the saying is true: no pain no gain 😬

May L

February 2022

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