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Online Coaching


No matter where you are on your journey, I am here to support you and your health, fitness, and strength goals.

What you get with your online coaching:

Tailored training program, Nutrition guidance, creating habits that support your goal and change your lifestyle and check-ins.

I will tailor your program and adjust it where needed.

With 1-1 coaching, it's essential to communicate. As more, you stay in touch as more you get out of it.

I've put much work into creating systems to ensure you communicate enough to succeed and make your journey sustainable with a progressive program.

I've created a place where you can have everything in one place.

Your Program is in an app with tutorials to learn how to lift safely and efficiently.

With the app, you can also track steps, sleep, weight, before and after pictures, your nutrition and much more. You also have access to a chat so you can message me if you have got questions or need that extra motivation because of any doubt or other stressful influences. 

I have got set days for check-ins but will always try to get back to you as soon I have time.

You can also get a personalised meal plan example as an upcreat to your Online-coaching.

Book your consultation to get started asap.

P.s. "don't wait for Monday!"

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